Arrange the Products under certain category / Brands and also need to filter (one product may come u

sridhar chiklametla asked on December 16, 2016 13:05

Hi, i need to structure the Products based on categories and brands, i.e Think i am having Laptop and a Mobile as products. So, now i my category(menuitem)    Laptop-> samsung , Lenovo     Mobile-> samsung , Lenovo Brands(menuitem)     Samsung-> Laptop , Mobile     Lenovo-> Laptop , Mobile

Note i should able to search also

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Trevor Fayas answered on December 20, 2016 19:23

There's a couple options. First is to make a 'dynamic' single page that takes the category from the url and then processes the results. In Kentico when you make a Url Alias, if you put {Something} in the Url Alias, it converts it into a macro.

For example, you have a page "Laptops" that accepts a category using the Url Alias "/Laptops/{TheBrand}" then when someone visits /Laptops/Samsung it directs to the Laptop Page and sets the macro {% TheBrand %} to "Samsung". Then use the macros to display products appropriately using the WHERE condition.

The other option is to store via cookies or session variable the current user's categories from some sort of filter, and not have specific pages for each thing, and just have a single product page with Filters. See Kentico's documents on creating Filters.

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