Application Cache issues with IIS

Rohit Keshwani asked on June 2, 2016 17:54


We've been running into issues with our Kentico instance where after some time, IIS will shut down our application. After a while a user will hit our website and and the application will startup again but we will run into problems where our cache no longer works correctly or no longer exists but there is no indication that objects in the cache don't exist beyond null reference exceptions.

We are using Kentico 9 and we've built out an MVC application. We were originally using Kentico 8. We built wrappers around the core kentico api to use CacheHelper after the first retrieval.

We are currently only running a single web application for the CMS application and the backend.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Pedro Costa answered on June 6, 2016 18:47

Did you try running in both the database and code?

Not sure whether it will identify your issue specifically, but could point out other improvements that could be done, and it's definitely worth a try.

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