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John Paul Mc Feely asked on February 14, 2015 14:10

Where can I locate the app theme image folder from within CMS desk? I want to change a current image that is hosted at App_Themes/companyname/v3/content/call.gif but this does not appear in CMS desk list

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Brenden Kehren answered on February 14, 2015 17:40

It won't appear in the CMSDesk. It will appear in the Site Manager>Development>CSS Stylesheets>Your stylesheet>Theme tab. Under there you will find your image.

I should state, if the stylesheets code name is the same as the directory name in the file system, then it will show there. This is the case if the stylesheet was created within the UI. If the App_Themes/Companyname directory was created in the file system and the stylesheet was not created in the UI you will not find what you are looking for without going to the file system.

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