Anyone Experience with Kentico 8 hosting?

Jacob Jefferson asked on March 13, 2015 09:41

Hi All,

I plan to host my new Kentico site with Anyone have experienced with their hosting services? I contacted their sales team yesterday and they answer all my questions very well.

Plesae advise. Thank you

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 13, 2015 13:12

Kentico v8 requires at least 500MB of memory to run, I found it runs best with at least 1GB of dedicated memory for sites with medium to low traffic. Most shared hosting solutions limit you on allocated memory so I'd be sure to check that before committing to anything. I've had very good luck with Arvixe and just found a new one that is similar called A Small Orange for small to medium sites. Of course both have virtual and dedicated server options as well as the shared solutions.

Good luck!

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Jackson L answered on March 16, 2015 08:39

I am hosting my Kentico site with Host4ASP.NET, and I am still very happy with this company. If you have contacted with the sales support of and you are satisfied with them, you can choose a plan in their company. However,I noticed that their servers are in Europe, so if your target visitors are in Europe, this company is a good choice. However, if your main visitors are in US, you'd better to host your site with Host4ASP.NET. I have been hosting my site with this company for months, I am very happy with them and satisfied with their service and support.

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Jacob Jefferson answered on March 20, 2015 05:38 (last edited on March 20, 2015 05:48)


Thank you very much for your help. Yes, actually I require Europe server. I have contacted sales team and from that conversation, I'm 90% sure to select them. is brand new hosting provider, I'm bit nervous and they are US based provider.

If it is US based provider, there are many options that I know. Besides Arvixe, I would also recommend


Arvixe is great option and I see many positive reviews about them. But, I need European server as my target market is Europe.

I'm sorry if I ask too much. Have you heard about services previously? I have searched about their service and they are running this business for almost 10 years. And I also read good reviews about them. For example I found them at:

I have 90% confidence about them because they are listed on Microsoft site forum. Just to make sure again. :)

Thanks for your help.

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