Anyone else have problems with Static Google Maps?

Max De Los Reyes asked on February 14, 2023 23:04

Working in Kentico 10. Our company's location was set on the map but it suddenly stopped rendering on production. The weird part is that it's functional on our development server. There are no errors thrown, the widget just renders the containing Div and corresponding Script for the map, but nothing else that is supposed to render within.

Every last setting between development and production are the same. Widget settings, web part settings, on-page settings, database settings, API key. No discrepancies. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Liam Goldfinch answered on February 21, 2023 15:25

Is this the out of the box webpart? I can't say I've used it recently, especially for Kentico 10.

If everything is the same in terms of Kentico set up, then maybe it could be the Google Maps configuration? Have you checked the Google Maps API key is valid for the production domain and not being restricted or something like that?

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