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Aleksandar Nikolić asked on December 22, 2017 10:33


I have a problem when I want to make different layouts. I made a form with specific layout, and after that I made an alternative form with different layout. In every field I added Visibility condition "Current device max screen size in range 0 to 768" but always shows only the alternative layout on the page.

Can you help me what can I do because I really need two totally different layouts but the form must be the same, I cannot do this with CSS.

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Trevor Fayas answered on December 27, 2017 06:59

I believe the issue is that you still can only select 1 alternative form, so whichever is chosen will show. The visibility can help toggle what fields show from that one form you selected.

What you want to do is put 2 forms of the page (in the page template using online for web part), set one form to the first, and the second form to the alternative, and add a macro to the visibility field of the web part so one shows for one device profile and the other shows for the rest.

Or just make 1 form and use bootstrap or similar to morph how the form looks on different devices that way, easier.

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