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Novice User asked on April 17, 2018 00:18


Is there a way where I can open an alternate form in a new window. I am using a contribution list web part. This web part comes with a button to create a new page . The button click opens up the alternate form in the same window where as I want it to open in a new window. Is there a possibility that this cone be done.


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Peter Mogilnitski answered on April 17, 2018 01:55 (last edited on April 17, 2018 01:56)

Nope. At least not out of the box. This web part is based on /CMSModules/Content/Controls/UserContributions/ContributionList.ascx control. It is kinda complex. There are unigrid, form (for new/edit doc) etc. You can clone and alter the code, but you still have to refresh the unigrid after you add a new doc, adjust unigrid so any edit would open doc in a new window etc. It is doable but there quite a few things involved.

P.S. If you don't like reload of your page you might just set web part propertyAjax/Use update panel checked, otherwise you have to clone and modify the web part.

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