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Connor Lockhart asked on September 14, 2016 22:14


I have an issue with the alphabetical ordering of our pages as they populate on the main page. The list starts out with 5 pages we have designated as the priority followed by the start of an alphabetical list.

However, this list does not accurately reflect the order as displayed in our listed pages (missing one). Then, half way down it starts again with an alphabetically ordered list.

Ultimately, the list is split into two alphabetical sections without any indication or determinant about what will generate where.

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Jan Hermann answered on September 15, 2016 08:43

If you need to list them the same way you have them in your content tree, please use this Order by:

NodeOrder ASC

The automatic alphabetical order works up until you move any page there manually.

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Brenden Kehren answered on September 14, 2016 22:33

When you say your "pages" is this within the content tree or within a webpart as you're listing them out from the content tree?

If in the content tree and someone has drug them or reordered them manually, it has been my experience those new pages are then ordered after those which were manually reordered.

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Connor Lockhart answered on September 14, 2016 22:47

Hey Brenden,

The "pages" are within the content tree. In the content tree they show as alphabetical. There has been re-ordering by designating a select group to be ordered first.

It's almost like there are 3 different sections in which the pages are being displayed in alphabetical order. a b c d e....z-a...z-a b c d...z.

Let me know if you need more clarification.



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