After Ending A/B Test, Original Always Displays Even When Variant A Selected as Winner

kentico guy asked on November 5, 2021 18:28

Kentico 12.0.92 (portal engine)

Our web team is trying to run an A/B test. This has worked in the past. However, yesterday when they ended the A/B test, the original is always showing. When we click on the page it's always the original, even though Variant A has been selected as winner.

I'm wondering how the A/B test system works internally. Once the winner is selected, how does Kentico know to only show the winner?

Also, has anyone ever seen this issue and is there any way for me to debug this? I think this runs from an out of box assembly. I saw some of the code that actually assigns the winner, but that seems to be working properly. The database has a GUID in the winner column for that A/B test. I can't see anything inside the API on how it's working internally, or maybe I'm just not looking in the right spot.

I'm not even sure what to try here so any advice on debugging even vague would help. Thanks!

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Dmitry Bastron answered on November 8, 2021 09:51


Apparently, you have to apply these changes manually in the Pages application. Please take a look at the documentation here, the very last sentence:

Once the winner is selected, you need to manually make corresponding changes to pages in the Pages application in the content tree so it reflects the result of the A/B test.

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