After creating a folder on the Tree, I get "The document does not exist, it may have been deleted by

Simon Lukell asked on June 11, 2014 23:30


I'm building a new site in Kentico 7, and after creating and deleting things, I'm getting an error.

Whenever I try to create a new Folder under the Root Tree or any Page, I'm getting "The document does not exist, it may have been deleted by someone else.".

I can add/remove/update any other kind of documents/pages but not Folders.

The steps to reproduce the error are: cmsdesk -> right click on the root tree -> add a new Folder. After inserting the folder I can see it in the tree, but when I click on the folder I get the message on the right side. Note: The CMS_Tree_Joined view is pulling the folder.

Debugging the code I can get to NewCultureVersion.aspx.cs file, line 114: node = Tree.SelectSingleNode(NodeID, TreeProvider.ALL_CULTURES); where node is null and goes to the else clause printing the error.

I changed to code to execute node = Tree.SelectSingleNode(NodeID), but I still get a null node.

Hope you can help!

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Martin Danko answered on October 1, 2014 17:13

Hello Simon,

were you able to resolve this issue?

Do you have any hotfixes installed? If not, please apply the latest hotfix for version 7.

Best regards, Martin

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