Adding ECommerce Reports in v8

Eric Garrison asked on July 15, 2014 15:18

I have created a few new reports in Configuration > Reporting > All Reports > E-Commerce > Orders. I now need for the users to see them. How can I get them published to Store Reports > Orders. The documentation I find is all for V7 and below. The method seems to be much different now.

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Matej Lukac answered on July 21, 2014 11:41


Go to Applications -> Modules -> (edit) Custom module -> User interface. Find E-commerce reports UI elements in the tree. (I suppose you want to add another order report) Create a new UI element under CMS -> Administration -> E-commerce -> Store reports -> Orders.

Set element Type to URL. Set element Target URL to ~/CMSModules/Reporting/Tools/Ecommerce/Report_View.aspx?reportcodename=YOUR_REPORT_CODE_NAME&displayfilter=1

The new report should be visible at Applications -> E-commerce -> Store reports -> Orders.

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