Adding comma separator to integer field in form

Donny Houck asked on June 12, 2018 16:17

Using K10 and created a custom form with some tables and values that will be input by end user. The values are integer data type, but would like to be able to add comma separator (basic masking) at every 3rd digit: 1,000 and 1,000,000 on the form as the user types it in vs 1000 and 1000000. Would even be able to accpe adding the comma after user tabs/moves to next field.

Found this formatting note earlier: string.Format("${0:#,##0.00}", Eval

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Rui Wang answered on June 12, 2018 16:33

if the data type is integer, I don't see how you can store comma in the data. But you can consider doing this on the client side using JS during data entry or display.

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