Adding code just before the <body>

Dcode warner asked on December 2, 2019 18:20

Is it possible to add a script or tag just before the opening on the

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Brenden Kehren answered on December 2, 2019 20:47

Yes. In your master template (portal I'm assuming), you add a HEAD HTML webpart at the very bottom of the page template. They are loaded in order so if this is at the bottom of the page, it will be the last one loaded before the closing </head> tag.

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Dcode warner answered on December 10, 2019 23:02

@brendenKehren Sorry Brenden. My question wasn't formatted very well. What i'm looking for is foe example:

<!--place script tag here directly after the body tag. The first tag after the body-->
 <form method="post" action="/" id="form"> 

In k7 it looks like this:
<body class="LTR Gecko Gecko71 ENUS ContentBody" >
<form method="post" action="/" id="form"> 
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