Add to cart button not visible and problem in exporting/importing products

kentico newuser asked on July 13, 2015 12:49


I am working on an already built and configured CMS. The issue is when I am trying to add a product, the product description, it's image, add to cart button etc. or anything is not visible on the product detail page but the product get listed in the product list page.

Also how to export only a selected product as when I am exporting this selected product and when I import this product, it is not visible but when I export the entire site for changes done when the product was added the product becomes visible after importing from this package. I myself looked at the exported package and found out the package which was able to add product successfully actually have exported documents also with it. Can you please suggest what can be the possible next step to debug these issue?

Kind Regards, Amit

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Josef Dvorak answered on August 6, 2015 13:21

Hello Amit,

Does the Product Page you create use the same Template, and is the product of the same Page (Document) type, as your other products? You can find out in:

Properties -> Template

If the templates are different, try using the same one as your other products.

Properties -> General -> Type

If the product type is different, please verify that if you using a macro in the the Selected item transformation property of the Repeater the transformation of that code name exists in the Page type definition. I.e.: if you are using a macro like this: {%classname%}.CorporateSite, ensure that the CorporateSite transformation is defined for your Page type

Kentico does not feature the ability to export individual Pages. If you need to export content, you need to export the entire site at once. I recommend setting up Staging if you need to synchronize Page changes between two environments.

Alternatively, you can use the Kentico Import Toolkit to import raw product data from one Kentico database to another

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