Add extra field on message board

Mihir Patel asked on May 19, 2019 08:02

I am using message board on one of the page and clone message board web part to make required changes, and make a copy of messageboardedit control also.

I need extra field named message title, and trying by

  1. Have created custom module for title.
  2. Insert title with messageid in messageboardedit code after message inserted.
  3. Have created custom macro method read title table data by queryhelper and use macro method in transformation.

Since it is database call for every title is not preferred by performance.

Is there any better approach for the requirement.

Recent Answers

Brenden Kehren answered on May 20, 2019 15:38

Modify the out of the box module. You can add another field to the message board and then clone the base files (if needed) to make the necessary changes to them. Lastly in the Message board module, update the UI to point to the new files you cloned from the base files.

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