add CSS class="active" to page it is on

Kristopher Maier asked on April 1, 2014 14:50

I am using the current highlight option but I would only like to make the current page and its original parents page link a certain color. it seems to be all or nothing and it would be nice if I could set things to display a little differently down the line as the user drills deeper.

here is the link I working in.

what would i need to do to create those other style classes in the back end?


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Kristopher Maier answered on April 1, 2014 16:22

I used some jquery to handle it.

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Brenden Kehren answered on April 2, 2014 06:38

If you are using the CSS List Menu webpart (which it looks like you are) you can choose to show or hide the auto generated styles by checking/unchecking Render CSS classes. If using the auto-generated styles, each link (< a > tag has the style CMSListMenuLinkHighlighted applied to it. You should be able to style with that class.

You can also Highlight all items in path by checking/unchecking that box. This will put the highlighted class on the full path to the selected item.

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