Add a new custom control Edit Contribution webpart that would also trigger a save action

Ian Verschuren asked on January 6, 2016 20:03

Hello, we are currently running kentico 9. We need to be able to add a new save button to the edit contribution webpart. This new save button should still perform the save action, but on top of that it should also perform certain custom validation and It should also have some on click javascript code executed. How could I add a custom control into the edit contribution webpart, so I would have full control over it ( being a custom control) and still trigger the save action from within its code, allowing me to save the document I am currently editing.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 6, 2016 21:22

The Contribution Webpart has a lot of underlying user controls so you'd need to look at the contribution webpart and follow the controls back to the /CMSModules directory and make modifications.

What I'd suggest is clone the Contribution webpart and clone all the user controls the webpart uses and make your customizations. This is what I did and was able to configure it to be very basic and process different pieces in workflow as well.

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