ACL Permission Inheritance

Sebastian Savard asked on August 6, 2015 17:12

I have a set of pages that look like this:

  • Parent
  • Child 1
  • Child 2

I have a role that I want to have edit access to the Parent and Child 1, but NOT Child 2. There are other roles involved in these pages, so I cannot break inheritance as this article suggests, as that will clear ALL permissions set on the page. It also appears that once the ACL permissions have been set on the parent page, they automatically are inherited by the child pages.

I can work around this by Denying privileges on the child pages, but I would like to know if a more elegant solution exists.


Recent Answers

Brenden Kehren answered on August 6, 2015 17:19

You can break inheritance on Child 2 and simply set the permissions you want on it. If you want it to have some permissions as the parent, then set those permissions. You will need to set the DENY permissions as well, these will take priority over any ALLOW permissions.

Depending on how your permissions are for that other role for Child 2, you might simply get by by adding a DENY permission to that role.

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