Accordions appearing on parent page

stephen moorhouse asked on November 19, 2021 20:24

Hi I have a page with an Accordion list on it, and then some sub pages where I have also added an accordion. The sub-pages all display there own accordions as expected, but the parent page now displays all the accordions that are on the sub pages, as well as its own.

kentico version is 12.0.78

Any ideas how to prevent this?


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Brian McKeiver answered on November 20, 2021 17:32

Can you tell us a little more about your situation? Portal Engine or MVC?

Are you using a page template at all? If so, is it a shared template from Parent page to child page?

What powers the Accordion list? itself? a datasource web part? custom code? other?

Overall it sounds like a "where clause" is missing / not configured correctly.

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