Accordion Layout not creating web part zone for each new 'header' topic

Larry Lim asked on May 1, 2019 22:28

I have been trying to use the 'Accordion Layout' web part with no success.

  • The issue is I can add/remove headers just fine, but for each header the CMS does not add in a 'Web part zone' so you can add in another web part (like editable text, repeater, etc.).

  • The accordion layout only builds one (1) header with an accompanying web part zone Is this correct behavior?
    Is there a way to get those 'web part zones' to be put in place for every header?

  • I have used the accordion web part only a few times, but I am using an accordion layout I had made from a different template as a guide and followed the same steps to build a slightly different version of it on a new template.

  • Is this issue common where the accordion components in the CMS stop working because I am missing some setting, attribute, or possibly an component that needs to be put in place first?

Any information would be helpful- I would hate to hack at this to get it to work.

-Larry Lim

Correct Answer

Larry Lim answered on May 3, 2019 20:52

  • Found a fix:

Turns out the template I am using had an issue within the 'Layout' that had a broken 'html remark' and upon checking the code discovered an issue with proper open/close tagging.

  • My company had used a vendor that built the template and in this case customizing a not-often used template had original code that may not have been properly setup.

  • Important that whenver you find any loss of 'CMS' functionality to recheck code for any bad-syntax issues.

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Larry Lim answered on May 2, 2019 15:47

  • After some further testing- the template I am modifying shows that you cannot go to the 'design' tab then click/drag any web-parts onto it.

  • For most templates on my company's site you can go to the 'design' tab and add/remove web-parts as you see fit.

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