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Eric Garrison asked on October 17, 2017 16:36

I see in the documentation that 51Degrees in built into Kentico. I am interested in their cloud version vs the onsite version. Has anyone worked with 51Degrees to optimize your mobile images? If not what about a service like https://kraken.io/, ImageReizizer.IO or others. I am really trying to allow users to upload great quality large image into a gallery, then serve the reduced size for the mobile devices.

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Matt Nield answered on October 17, 2017 22:49

You can really use any moethod you see fit to resize the images. A good idea woul be to write a global event to hook in to media library filed being created that can perform all of the resizing that you need. Something like MediaFileInfo.TYPEINFO.Events.Insert.After += Insert_After should see you right. Typically, the solution I've used in the past is to o the image optimization and resizing via a custom HTTP handler, so that you only upload the high-resolution images. We usually have a CDN in place and also apply static file caching where required to reduce the server load.

I've not use 51Degrees for this. As far as I am aware the Kentico implementation focuses on device detection only, so you would either need to look at services like those that you mention or roll your own.

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