WidgetInfo want to find dropzone of specific widget in page tab.

thawzin latt asked on July 16, 2014 12:13

I am using Widgetinfo to get the list of the widgets from page.

After that I would like to find each and every widget's dropzone id. I will have two dropzone and user will insert the widget to either one of the dropzone or maybe both dropzones.

I am using page tab. I will not use design tab.

WidgetInfo wi = WidgetInfoProvider.GetWidgetInfo("BCSTwoColumnWidget");

Pls help me for some sample code or logic

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Martin Danko answered on November 28, 2014 17:51

Hello Thawzin,

I'm not sure if I understand your request correctly but after adding a widget to the page you want to detect in which zone is widget located, is that correct?

Best regards, Martin

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