'ValidationHelper' is an ambiguous reference between 'System.Web.WebPages.ValidationHelper' and 'CMS

Sofia Khatoon asked on February 12, 2016 17:22

Hi I am getting this error when trying to import a site in Administration

'ValidationHelper' is an ambiguous reference between 'System.Web.WebPages.ValidationHelper' and 'CMS.Helpers.ValidationHelper'

Line 25: <asp:TemplateField> Line 26:

Source File: c:\inetpub\KenticoCMS_upd\CMS\CMSModules\ImportExport\Controls\ImportGridView.ascx Line: 27

Is there a way to mitigate this issue. Thanks Sofia Khatoon

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Virgil Carroll answered on February 12, 2016 19:51


Can you share what version of Kentico you are on? Is this by chance a file anyone on your side has changed? The only real way this should happen is if the code behind file is also referencing System.Web.WebPages but if its not modified I am wondering what could cause that? Also could you share with us what version of the .NET framework you are using as well?

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