'Could not load type' error while publishing website

Mateusz Żebrowski asked on October 13, 2014 15:38

I've tried to publish my web site like it this tutorial. I've done everything step by step and click publish. The process of publishing begun and after some time it ended with following error:

Description: Could not load type 'CMS AdminControls_Basic_DisabledModuleInfo'.

File: OrderByControl.ascx

As I can remember I didn't know that I was added this file and I think it's in box kentico control. I've found that I should add reference to this file but unfortunately I couldn't do that. What shall I do?

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Brenden Kehren answered on October 14, 2014 14:58

You might check to see if your publish transferred all the files. Sounds as if some files didn't get pushed to the server.

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