How to Create URL for User profile (Ex:<Domain>/Members/{UserID}

Nguyen van hoa asked on April 7, 2014 22:25

I’m Using Kentico CMS 7.0 How to Create URL for User profile Example:

Domain/Members/{UserID} And how to Custom <%# GetUser(Eval("PostUserID"),GetUserName(Container.DataItem))%>

To Redirect :Domain/Members/{ UserID }

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Brenden Kehren answered on April 8, 2014 06:29

  1. On your Members page, add in the Path or Pattern field: /Members/{UserName} (note, its not UserID)
  2. In design view, add the Users Public Profile webpart to the page.
  3. Pick a form name and click save.

The form can be modified in Site Manager>Development>System Tables>User>Alternative forms

Once you have those things done, navigate to /Members/yourUsername and you should see a profile popup.

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