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ctaleck IPAGlobal - 6/30/2009 9:19:16 AM
Search Analytics
It would be great if the search feature of Kentico included analytic information such as keywords used and totals.

I briefly toured the CMS Desk > Tools > Reporting module, but I was a bit overwhelmed at the settings. I'm guessing it may be possible to add such a report, but a tutorial would be nice.

I'm also guessing the raw data would need to saved in the search Web part, if it is not already.

At any rate, this would be a great and helpful feature.

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Kentico Support
Kentico Support
kentico_jurajo - 7/3/2009 3:11:49 AM
RE:Search Analytics

I am sorry but this is not natively supported yet, we will consider it in the future. You need to modify the current search web part. You can also use e.g. custom tables module. In the web part you can get the search term and then store it in the custom table. You can check of the term is already recorded in the table and in this case just increase the counter number.

Best Regards,
Juraj Ondrus