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polarwarp-gmail - 6/22/2009 7:56:57 PM
Google Maps - Enhancements
I only have limited knowledge of this control however in playing around with it it seems a little outdated. Eg. there is no streetview option (and the ability to grab the figure above the scale and place it on the map - one way of activating the streetview). Is it planned to enhance this web part - or is it easy to further customise (without the source code).

If you wanted to have a drop down list interact with the map. Eg. you had a list of offices in a drop down list and you select an office wanting the map to show that office location (or state in a dropdown list and then default to state central lat/long values) - is this possible?

I haven't used Kentico enough to know how to link actions between different web parts (and have the above specific requirement).


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Kentico Support
Kentico Support
kentico_jurajo - 6/25/2009 2:52:56 AM
RE:Google Maps - Enhancements

Thank you for your suggestion. I have submitted it to our product manager.

In current version you can modify the web part according to your needs - \CMSWebParts\GoogleServices\GoogleMaps.ascx file.

Or, you can also develop a custom web part with all the functionality you need.

I hope it will help and also that the improvement of the web part will be available soon.

Best Regards,
Juraj Ondrus