Localization Packs

Below, you can download the localization packs for Kentico CMS that translate Kentico user interface and web controls to the given language. Click here to learn how to use these packs in your installation.

Arabic - United Arab Emirates

Version Translator  
11.0 Technosignage Download
10.0 Technosignage Download


Version Translator  
10.0 Tomáš Loun Download


Version Translator  
10.0 Webklusive GmbH / Khatia Gagnidze Download


Version Translator  
11.0 Nextscape Inc. Download
10.0 Nextscape Inc. Download


Version Translator  
11.0 ADHD Interactive Download


Version Translator  
12.0 EXLRT Download
11.0 EXLRT Download
10.0 EXLRT Download

Spanish - Latin America

Version Translator  
11.0 Euphorianet SAS Download