Yes, We Can: 60 Trees planted, 0 Developers Injured!

Check out the big finale of the “Trees for Bugs” initiative.
It’s been more than year since we first discussed the idea of planting a tree for each bug found in our CMS. Last Saturday, the idea came into fruition – we planted trees for each bug found in Kentico CMS 4.1!

The little bit rainy and chilly weather on Saturday morning couldn’t stop Kentico Software volunteers from driving to the village of Snovídky, where the trees were to be planted. Historically, the place was a quarry. Later on, it was turned into a recreational area with a dance floor but unfortunately, it was later abandoned and destroyed during the years 1968-2005. Since 2006, the CSO “Šuterňa” has been renovating the place and planting trees in and around the area as only one of their projects. It’s great to know that your effort supports such a valuable project!

Furthermore, we had a lot of fun during the day we spent there! Although the weather was not the best for us (but really great for the trees to root!) and the terrain where we planted the trees was very steep, we really enjoyed it! We got enough tea, coffee, bratwurst and homemade brandy for everyone to keep their stomachs full and their mood cheerful ;)

As mentioned earlier, we planted almost one hundred trees that day, even though we needed only 60 to cover the reported bugs. Each of these trees was dedicated to the client who reported the bug. You can see pictures of the trees together with the ones who planted them in the Tree gallery!

More pictures from the day are on our Facebook page.

If you'd like to visit your tree in the future, you can check its exact position in the “Trees for Bugs Map"! Some of them are Plums and some are Sweet Cherries, so please don’t hesitate to taste your fruits (on the other hand, a massive harvest each year is not the best idea ;) ).

Let me express many thanks to those whose helped in this successful initiative - Miroslava Drobílková from “The Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation” and Petr Machač from CSO “Šuterňa”.

Many thanks also to all the Kentico employees (and their partners!) who participated in planting the trees.

P.S. Since this was a bright new initiative, your feedback will be much appreciated! Please tell us what do you think about the "Trees for Bugs" initiative and about our new 7-Day Bug Fixing policy by submiting your comments below.

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Petr Passinger

Petr is the Senior Business Analyst, responsible for the mapping and optimization of the sales funnel and revenue cycle leveraging the Kentico Customer Experience Management solution for online marketing activities.


Sandip Patil commented on

This is really good idea , Thanks u for taking efforts for earth.

Petr Passinger commented on

Thank you for all your comments; we will definitely keep up doing initiatives like this one.

@Randar and @Jen - I'm going to water your trees this weekend ;)

Anuj commented on

Congrats Kentico Team, This is really a marvelous and unique idea. Keep placing this type of ideas in your group, Cheers

Marty Drill commented on

Congrats guys. We have a team member who is pretty happy to have a tree with his name on it, Cheers

Jen commented on

Very novel idea - and definately one of the rare times we'll be happy to have found a bug :) Great to have it fixed so quickly and have a tree and my name on it!

Randar Puust commented on

It's a novel idea! It definetly circulated around our office pretty fast.

Petr Passinger commented on least once in the time it is good to have a few bugs in your software ;)