WYSIWYG Editor Table Properties IE10

When using IE10 and the WYSIWYG Editor, some options for the Table Properties are missing.  This article describes how resolve this issue.
Inserting a table into the WYSIWYG editor and then right clicking on the table will bring up some additional options for the table.  However if you are using IE10, you will be missing the Delete Table and the Table Properties options.  In order to apply this fix to your current Kentico instance, you will need to update the CK Editor manually by:

1 –downloading  http://download.cksource.com/CKEditor/CKEditor/CKEditor%203.6.6/ckeditor_3.6.6.zip  

2 - copy contents of the package to ~/CMSAdminControls/CKeditor folder for the following items:



                all folders except _samples and _source

Then you should be able to see the Delete Table and the Table Properties options.

Applies to: Kentico CMS 7.x
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