What to do when Web Analytics reports a lot of visits from the “Yahoo!Slurp” browser?

Visitors coming to the site from Internet Explorer 11 are sometimes being logged as if they came from the “Yahoo!Slurp” browser. For some of you, this may be an issue and this article will show you how to fix it. The reason for an incorrect browser being logged is that IE11 came out later than ASP.NET, thus ASP.NET cannot recognize it. Long story short: install the latest patches for ASP.NET and the issues will go away.
Brief background on the issue: Long ago, we created a special .browser file that fixed the issue in ASP.NET 2.0 when the “Yahoo!Slurp” web crawler was not recognized by ASP.NET. But it was back in 2008 (and since then) that user agents of browsers and crawlers changed and because the new browsers were considered as “Yahoo!Slurp” by our old .browser file. Installing updates for the ASP.NET will restore it for use with the newer browsers and our rule will not be applied.

If you do not want to install all updates, just install those ones based on the version of .NET Framework you are running: In Kentico 8.1, we are going to remove the .browser file, so unknown browsers won’t be reported as “Yahoo!Slurp”, but still you need to install ASP.NET updates regularly in order to have accurate results for new browsers.

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