What’s New in Kentico Marketplace?


In August, five new items were published in the Kentico Marketplace. Let's have a look at them!

Azure Recommender

Ray Business Technologies, a Kentico Gold Partner from India, has recently submitted the Azure Recommender module to our Marketplace. This module allows you to offer recommended items (e.g. products or articles) for your customers or site visitors based on the browsing history of the users, which may help you increase the conversion rates. The module utilizes the Microsoft Azure Recommendations API. For more info or a free download, please visit the Kentico Marketplace.

Intercom integration

In case you would like to integrate the Intercom live chat into your website, you may appreciate the new Intercom integration web part that makes this process really simple. All you need to do is place the web part on a page and specify the Intercom App ID. The web part was created by Devotion Digital, a Kentico Gold Partner from Australia, and is also available free in our Marketplace.

Invisible ReCaptcha

Recently, Google released a new innovative version of reCaptcha where it doesn't even request user interaction unless Google's algorithm determines that the user might be a robot. Zeroseven, a Kentico Gold Partner from Australia, has created an implementation of this new reCaptcha as a Kentico form control. Download the Invisible reCaptcha form control free of charge from our Marketplace.

Package Builder for Kentico Modules

Another new addition to our Marketplace is the Package builder for Kentico modules by Ntara, a Kentico Gold Partner from the USA. It is a command-line utility allowing more finite control over the creation of Kentico module packages and support for continuous integration. Detailed documentation can be found on GitHub. The packages for Kentico version 9 and 10 are available for download from the NuGet Gallery.

Fluent Caching

Kentico developers may also appreciate the new Fluent API for caching data with the Kentico Data API. It was submitted to our Marketplace by TrueLime, a Kentico Gold Partner from the Netherlands. For more information, examples, or a free download, please visit the project site on GitHub.

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