Azure Recommender

by Ray Business Technologies Pvt Ltd
Azure Recommender preview




Works with:
9.0, 10.0

Web site


A module built in Kentico to get recommendations for the product.


When a user visits a website he can see the recommendations according to his browsing history which may increase the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers.

Azure recommendations is a Kentico custom module for Kentico v 10.0. Below are the key features:

  1. Created user interface for model (for multiple page types), catalog, usage and build.
  2. Displaying status for catalog, usage and build.
  3. Displaying list of created models in a table format with three action items (Edit, Delete, Rebuild).
  4. Displaying recommendations based on item to item and user to item with image.
  5. Task scheduler for catalog, usage and build.
  6. Multiple selection of activity types.
  7. Deleting the builds related to that model.
  8. Background process for updating catalog, usage and triggering the build.