What is Lead Scoring and How Can it Benefit My Business?

6 quick ways to learn about lead scoring: video, interactive tutorial, whitepaper, quick start guide, feature page and article.
Lead scoring is a way for website owners to classify their website visitors according to how likely they are to become customers using a points system and ranking one visitor against another…” That is too brief description of one of the crucial online marketing features of any Customer Experience Management (CXM) solution. Let’s introduce lead scoring via one of the following:

lead scoring video Video:
While Lead Scoring may be a household term for you, we found that many site owners  simply aren’t aware of its existence; let alone the great power it holds. In response to this, we have produced a 4-minute explanatory video. While the first part teaches about lead scoring in general, the second moves us to a real world example - demonstrating how to set up lead scoring in 5 minutes using Kentico EMS.
lead scoring tutorial Interactive tutorial:
Participants in the tutorial are invited to browse a sample site for 2 minutes, during which time their activity and data is logged and they are scored as “leads”. Displaying their results at the end, the tutorial helps to quickly demonstrate how lead scoring works in the real word. You can find the tutorial at: http://www.lead-scoring.com/Interactive-Tutorial/
lead scoring whitepaper Whitepaper:
Lead Scoring for Success: A practical guide to achieving better results with lead scoring
We have developed an informative 8-page whitepaper that offers its readers everything they might need for successful lead scoring. From establishing and optimizing a successful lead scoring system, the possible pitfalls faced and the establishment of further lead nurturing, to taking leads to sales-readiness, this whitepaper covers it all.
lead scoring feature page Feature page:
Feature page on Lead Scoring gives everyone a better understanding of its key benefits and how this feature aligns with 7 other crucial online marketing features of Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution.
lead scoring quick start guide Quick Start Guide:
If you want to start leveraging the lead scoring feature right now, the Quick Start Guide is your jumping off point.
Ariticle: How do We Score Your Visit to Our Website?
See our real life example of lead scoring in a B2B enviroment including explicint and implicit rules and actual score points.
Checklist: Does My Company Need Lead Scoring?
10-point checklist to see if your business needs lead scoring
Article: The 5 Most Common Lead Scoring Mistakes
Learn from our own experience. 

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Petr Passinger

Petr is the Senior Business Analyst, responsible for the mapping and optimization of the sales funnel and revenue cycle leveraging the Kentico Customer Experience Management solution for online marketing activities.