What’s New and Free in the Kentico Marketplace?

There are many new and interesting items that can be found in our Marketplace. Let's take a look at them, you may find something you've been looking for!

Social Media Metadata Tags

When users link your site on their Facebook or Twitter, the social media site selects the images, title, description, etc. from the content of the entered page. The result is seldom the desired outcome for sharing your content via social media. That's why Facebook's and Twitter's API have defined meta tags that can be placed within the head of your page in order to define more appropriate content for social media sharing. The Social Media Metadata Tags web part by BitWise Solutions, Inc., a Kentico Gold Partner from Indiana, uses a combination of web part properties and document properties to include these meta tags into the head of your page.

For more information or a free download, please visit our Marketplace.

Resourceful Messages

The Resourceful Messages web part by Biznet Internet Solutions, a Kentico Gold Partner from Michigan, utilizes Kentico's built-in resource strings funcionality and the query string parameters to display different messages on various different occasions to your site visitors. And, the great news is that it's very easy to use. After creating the desired resource strings just specify the query string part of the resource string key (e. g. "reason" in "custom.reason.permissiondenied" key) in the web part properties. Then you will be able to display the appropriate message using this parameter in the URL (e. g. ~/Home.aspx?reason=permissiondenied).

For more information, please read the documentation included within the web part package. The package is available for free in the Kentico Marketplace.

Bit-Wizards SQL Execution

It's been some time since Bit-Wizards, a Kentico Gold partner from Florida, submitted their Bit-Wizards SQL Execution module to our Marketplace. This module was originally created for Kentico 6 and 7 and allowed you to execute SQL statements against the main site database. Now they come with the upgraded version for Kentico 8. It has all the functionality of the previous version, with the addition of a new one – you can return up to five data tables with a single SQL statement and export the results using the standard Kentico UniGrid functionality.

Both the old and the new version can be found in the Kentico Marketplace and are available for free.

Responsive Website Templates

Ray Business Technologies Pvt Ltd, a Kentico Gold Partner from India, recently submitted two responsive website templates to the Kentico Marketplace. The first one is suitable especially for digital agencies, web agencies and creative agencies; the second website template is ideal for educational institutes, colleges and universities. Both responsive website templates can be downloaded for free.

You can download the Kentico Reponsive Website Template for Digital Agencies here, and the Kentico Responsive Website Template for Educational Institutes here.

LESS Preprocessor

LESS is a dynamic stylesheet language that extends CSS. The features of LESS allow you to write stylesheet code that is shorter and easier to maintain. With the LESS Preprocessor module, created by Ondrej Machala, Junior Developer at Kentico, you can create stylesheets containing LESS syntax in Kentico 8.

The LESS Preprocessor module is also available for free in the Kentico Marketplace. Please note, that this module was created for Kentico 8. In Kentico 7 you can still use the old LESS Stylesheets module, which can be found here.

Custom Table Data Import

In case you need to populate your custom table with tons of records, you will really appreciate the Custom Table Data Import web part by Roman Hutnyk, a Kentico Partner from Georgia. You just need to prepare an Excel file with the data, and a custom table with columns corresponding with the columns in the Excel file. Before import, you can choose whether you want to override the existing data or attach the content of the Excel file to the current data.

To download the web part, please visit our Marketplace.

Site QA - Lite

The Site QA module by Dominic Westall can be useful if you need to get a general overview of your website pages. In this module you can list all pages that are checked out, pages that are under a workflow, and pages that contain macros, jQuery code as well as many others. The module is in the beta version now; Dominic plans to extend its functionality in the future.

If you would like to download this module or obtain more information, please visit the Kentico Marketplace.
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