Weekend plan: Planting Trees for bugs for the fourth time!

At Kentico Software, environment and quality go hand in hand.
With 20 spades, 10 shovels and 5 sledgehammers, I’m willing to bet that Kentico is the only IT Company well-equipped for forestry! Tomorrow, we’re moving our European office in a bus to the village of Suchohrdly u Miroslavi, to plant trees for the bugs found in Kentico CMS version 6.

We are going to plant 234 trees, a substantial number at first sight. But if we take into account that Kentico 6 has been the biggest release ever and yet comes in with 3 times lower the number of bugs for time in development compared to previous versions, then our first reaction becomes a classic case of not seeing the wood for the trees!

For the first time, the Netherlands  is the top bug-hunting country, with the USA  close on their heels and the United Kingdom in third position. Jeroen Fürst from IBL-Software, the Netherlands, again proved himself a nature lover with the largest number of found bugs. With his enthusiasm and testing skills, he shall soon have his own alley of saplings!

We recently sent an email to all clients who reported any bugs found in version 6 before March 31st, to ensure that we dedicate their tree to the person of their choice.

We were very happy to have made one of them - Sarah Pengelly’s day (ecentricarts). She wrote a lovely blog post about receiving a tree and has even decided to plant an additional tree in her own backyard in Toronto! The bug she found is now officially the first to get two trees on two continents ;)

Wish us a good weather and no injuries!

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Petr Passinger

Petr is the Senior Business Analyst, responsible for the mapping and optimization of the sales funnel and revenue cycle leveraging the Kentico Customer Experience Management solution for online marketing activities.


Petr Passinger commented on

Hi Jeroen, Hi Shannon,

I can confirm 0 injuries and 235 trees planted! Pictures of your trees will be soon live at trees.kentico.com and you will also get them by mail.

Thanks again for your support of our efforts!

Shannon Dunn commented on

You guys have had injuries? I never knew my bugs also shed blood! ;)

Jeroen Fürst commented on

This initiative is simply awesome and I hope that I can tag a long in the near future! Have a great time :)