Webinar wrap up: Technical Learning – Introduction to widgets

Thanks to everyone that joined us for today’s webinar on Technical Learning – Introduction to widgets.
Kentico CMS 5 introduces widgets that provide support for page personalization. From a designers point of view widgets are a basic building block of page templates in the same way as web parts. For end users widgets allow them to add, remove, modify properties, and determine page placement on the live site. In this session we will examine how this exciting new feature is used within your Kentico CMS 5 site. We will cover the basics of technical implementation, design concerns, extensibility and security for this feature. People attending this session will be able to implement the basics of widgets in their Kentico CMS 5.0 site.
Video is available here
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Thomas Robbins

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Thom Robbins commented on

yes - similiar idea. Like web parts they allow you to customize the user experience

Matt Cardle commented on

hey, do you mean widgets in the same sense that opera uses widgets? (or have i totally got the wrong end of the stick!)

Rfidtags.com commented on

Widgets have always been a doubt when it came to Kentico CMS but the Kentico CMS 5 really clears away all such worries as it is one of the best when it comes to page personalization, in my arguable opinion. By now, I am sure that most of us are well aware of what widgets are and what their specific purposes are. Well, most widgets perform only just one even though there are those which have more than two.