Webinar wrap up – Technical Learning - URL Rewriting and Output Filters

Thanks to everyone that attended today webinar
Kentico CMS provides exposes a friendly URL addresses that provides web sites with better SEO visibility and full control of their exposed URL’s. This process is based on a URL rewriting engine that displays the correct page based on a specified friendly or smart URL. Once the page is processed by the URL rewriting engine, the rendered HTML is sent to a set of output filters. These filters applied allow developers to make changes to the HTML before it is sent to the browser. In this webinar we will examine this process and the ways that it can be used to build your site.
Video is available here
Unfortunately, I had a typing error. Sadly I should have known better than to change my screen resolution this morning. It seems that // doesn’t help a page to render correctly. Sorry about that. I recorded the document aliasing section for viewing.
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