Webinar - Kentico Technical Learning: Installing and Management on Windows Azure

The cloud is an amazing evolution in computing! This evolution requires changes in how we deploy and manage our applications and sites. What are the architecture patterns you need to think about? How do you install? How do you manage your site? These are just a few of the questions that we often hear from our customers.  In this webinar Dominik Pinter, Senior Kentico Developer, will cover how to prepare your site for Windows Azure and then deploy it to the cloud. Once you have your site up we will cover how you can manage your site using both the Kentico CMS tools and the tools available from Windows Azure.

Slides for this webinar are available here

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Dominik Pinter

I'm a fan of cloud computing (primarily Windows Azure) and I really like to dig into web application security. My blog is focused on everything related to Kentico, .NET Framework, Cloud platforms and web application security.