Web 2.0 Consuming RSS/ATOM Feeds with Kentico

RSS feeds are everywhere these days. Who could imagine a Web site that didnt provide them in some way? Feeds provide a Web site developer the ability to publish headline and frequently updated content. They offer a low bandwidth stripped down version of a web site that readers can subscribe to using a feed reader. In case you didnt know the Kentico Marketplace has a free Web Part feed reader that brings RSS/ATOM feeds into the Kentico CMS system that is available here.

Once the Web Part is installed you can pull in any RSS or ATOM based feed. As an example, I subscribed to the most popular links from delicous.

The question I often hear is where can I find good feeds to use? While not a complete list. Here is some good locations to start.

Site Name

Link to RSS Feeds





delicous free RSS feeds


If you have any good locations that I may not have listed please let me know.


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Thomas Robbins

I spend my time working with partners and customers extending their marketing and technology to the fullest.


Ralph commented on

Will you also improve the method of publishing RSS feeds? Right now you have to create pages in /CMSPages/. Would be nice to create them inside the portal engine....


Thom Robbins commented on

Besides this web part the best solution is .NET code. the good news is 5.5 has RSS web parts.

thinton commented on

is there no a built in CMS webpart for consuming RSS feeds? Seems like a natural fit.


ralph commented on

There is a known speed issue with this web part:

Did this web part get updated recently?