Wanna Learn Kentico 11? Part 1: Documentation


Oh my, oh my, look at that! All you wanted for Christmas was Kentico 11 and we made your wish come true! And now is the right time to learn how to use the new perks of Kentico Stallion. In this article, we'll focus on the news you can read in our documentation.

This year, Kenticlaus brought his presents a little later than last year but do not worry, all these features are here to make your life even brighter and jollier. Let's start from the top with a problem every website owner is probably dealing with right now.

Kenticlaus is here!

GDPR, the Mortal Enemy

What to do with the new data protection regulation? Is Kentico going to help you comply with the GDPR? Of course it is! Besides the Data protection application, which you can find out directly in the user interface in our EMS edition, you can read our extensive documentation regarding this topic.

"If the GDPR was in Mortal Kombat, it would be Goro."
—Our lawyers, who are also gamers

In this section, you can also find a list of the most important entities in Kentico that hold personal data. If you read it, not only will you learn a lot of information from e-commerce through web analytics but you will also see one of the longest Kentico documentation pages.

Kentico 11: The E-commerce Awakens

Like the mythical phoenix, the E-commerce solution has risen from the ashes. Rebuilt with a new engine, known as MotoR, you can now easily customize any part of your e-commerce calculations. Check out the new customization model that describes how MotoR works.

"Powerful you have become, MotoR I sense in you."
—Master Yoda (probably... not)

And remember, when you've finished with customizing, you should measure and analyze shopping activity on your website and put Google Analytics on it. That's our integration with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce.

And hey! Have you already worked with our gift cards?

Playing Minecraft? Build Emails Instead

If your company has removed Solitaire and Minesweeper from your Windows, you can play a new game at work! Kentico presents the new email builder for its email marketing. If you're not sure how to start, you can always check our updated documentation about composing the emails.

"New email builder! Oh my God! New email builder! It's so bright and vivid!"
—The Double Rainbow guy

After you send your email campaigns and newsletters, don't forget to check out the statistics and insights we also brought you in Kentico 11!

Small Steps for Kentico, Giant Leaps for Developers

There are also a couple of seemingly small improvements for developers. But are they really so small?

Have you ever worked with macros? How many times have you resigned all macros? We now have new macro identities, of course covered in the documentation. Also, if you're importing a site or an object, the new identities may come in handy.

Oh my figgy pudding!

Want a different search provider? Lucene isn't enough? You can use Azure Search instead. We provide a completely new section in our documentation just for this topic. 10 out of 10 faceted searches vote for this new documentation section.

Tired of using web user controls within your Kentico web project? With Kentico 11, you can implement them within an assembly. Our documentation section counts with that! Plus, add a couple of HTML5 form inputs!

Want to know more? See what we did with our training courses and certification this version!

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