Wanna get better and faster support answers?

Sometimes our support has to answer your tickets with additional questions and this causes delays in the resolution. Spending a few extra minutes composing the initial issue submission can save you hours. In this post I will show you 7 simple things to save time and arrive at the solution faster.

1. Check the Documentation

Many answers to your questions are already available in these sources:
• Our Question and answers section
• The Articles section full of tips and tricks
If this still doesn’t help, let us know what you have read and tried anyway so that we are not asking you to do the same thing again.

2. Which version are you using?

Always provide information about the version you are using and which hotfix was applied, if any.

3.  Which approach are you using?

It is extremely useful for us to know this in order to reproduce your issue. Please indicate whether you are using:
Portal engine templates (you can see the Design tab in CMS Desk)
ASPX templates (you usually cannot see the Design tab in CMS Desk)
• Portal engine templates and ASPX templates combined or,
MVC development model

4. Which environment are you working in?

Please give us a description of your environment and the overall setup, such as:
• Operating system
• Windows Azure
• cloud hosting
• IIS version
• .Net version

5. Error message & issue replication information

Please capture any error or exception messages (with debug mode turned on, if possible, Event log) that you are getting and send them along copied and pasted into your email or as a screenshot, or send it as a recorded screencast.

6. Custom code & modifications information

If you are developing any custom code (web parts, controls, modules, etc.) or modifying any default code files, please let us know and provide us with your code and information as to where and how you are using it.

7. Specific details of what you are trying to achieve

Questions like “How do I achieve this?” or “I want to implement this.” with no further details are hard to answer. It is much appreciated if you can include a description of expected behavior or if you can offer a short use-case example.

We’ll probably still need to ask you more questions in special cases, but at least we know which questions to ask! It is also possible that we request a site export package or a backup of your database and project in order to reproduce and debug the issue.

Last but not least, you can submit your question using this form.
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Juraj Ondrus

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