Video: KInspector - How to use and contribute to the tool


KInspector is an application that will analyze the health, performance and security of your Kentico solution. This video provides an overview of the tool, and demonstrates how you can contribute to the project on GitHub.

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Michael Kinkaid

Michael is a Kentico MVP and the CTO at Reason One. He has been developing with Kentico for years and is especially skilled in integrations, team development, and custom implementations.


meandmyrobot commented on

Hey Ikram,

Ran the test this morning with v3.0.1 of KInspector against a Kentico web application install (v9.0.13). I get a 404 error with KInspectorProbe.aspx not being on the target build within CMSPages. Tried explicitly including it (as it was added to the file system) into the project and republishing but still got the error in KInspector. Filed an issue on GitHub


ikram.khan-riseinteractive commented on

Hi Michael,
I setup K-inspector and ran the test under Analysis and came across the following error under [General] Cache Item.

System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\ikram.khan\Downloads\KInspector-v2.1.0\KInspector\Bin\site\wwwroot\CMSPages\KInspectorProbe.aspx'.
at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
at System.IO.File.InternalCopy(String sourceFileName, String destFileName, Boolean overwrite, Boolean checkHost)
at System.IO.File.Copy(String sourceFileName, String destFileName, Boolean overwrite)
at Kentico.KInspector.Modules.ProbeHelper.InstallProbe(DirectoryInfo pathToKenticoFiles) in C:\projects\kinspector\KInspector.Modules\Helpers\ProbeHelper.cs:line 58
at Kentico.KInspector.Modules.CacheItemsModule.GetResults(InstanceInfo instanceInfo) in C:\projects\kinspector\KInspector.Modules\Modules\General\CacheItemsModule.cs:line 30

If you can help me understand and resolve this error that would be great.
Thank you