Version 7 Installer with V7 Ultimate License Key

After completing the web installation portion of the Kentico CMS version 7.0 installation, you are asked to enter a license key.  If you enter a Version 7.0 Ultimate license key (CV07), you will encounter an error message. This article deals with the issue.
You can encounter the following error when trying to create a new site using one of the predefined templates:

“This template requires one of the following license editions Free, Standard, Base, Small business,
E-commerce, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate, Enterprise marketing solution. Your license edition is Ultimate”

In order to overcome this error, please select the “Continue to the New site wizard” option and click Next, this should open a new screen which logs you into the Site Manager.  After you are logged into Site Manager, go to Development --> Web templates --> Corporate Site and select "UltimateV7" in the "License editions" section.

Once you have selected and saved this option, proceed back to the Sites tab, click New site Wizard
-> Use website template
, select the Corporate Site and click Next.  If you need more information on creating a new site using the website template option, please see our development guide on the following link - New site wizard

Applies to: Kentico CMS 7.x
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