Updated Kentico Deliver Now! Methodology Available


We are happy to announce the publishing of the updated Kentico Deliver Now! methodology.

DOWNLOAD Deliver Now! Methodology: .ZIP archive | PDF version

This is the 2nd revision of the methodology since its release in February 2009. Its primary focus is relevancy of all existing information for the latest version of Kentico CMS/EMS, ensuring our clients get only the most current information for expedited start of their projects.

Besides updating existing information, we also added new info and topics on advanced workflow functionality, mobile development, cloud deployments, team development, and more. As with the original version, this revision was prepared in-house by the Kentico Consulting Group.

The goal of the methodology remains—outlining all important aspects of website development and the delivery process with Kentico CMS.

Please download the Kentico Deliver Now! Methodology v7 package from here.

The package consists of several documents:

Kentico_DeliverNow_Methodology_v7.PDF – updated methodology text
\Checklists – folder containing the UI check-list and Web part development check-list
\Analysis & Design – folder containing the Kentico CMS Project Specification template document and Website Structure template sheet

The text of the methodology directly refers to the other documents included in the package, so you will know what project phase they should be used for.

We already have plans to include new topics in the third revision (stuff like Unit Testing, Automated Deployment, etc.). We are also counting on your feedback, of course. If you have any concerns, suggestions, or improvements on your mind, please share them with us at consulting[at]kentico.com.

UPDATE: New version (revision 3) from October 2014 of Kentico DeliverNow Methodology can be found here.




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Karol Jarkovsky

Director of Product