Two menus with different items

If you need all page menu items to be divided into two menus on one page, you may follow the procedure in this article.
Basically, there are two ways how to achieve your goal. First is to use WHERE Condition attribute of the menu. For example you can set WHERE Condition of the first menu to DocumentName = 'Images' OR DocumentName = 'Home' and WHERE Condition of the second menu to DocumentName = 'Company' OR DocumentName = 'News'. First menu will display only documents with name Home and Images and the second one will display documents Company and News.
The second way is to place documents under different folders/menu items and set the path attributes to /FIRST/% and /SECOND/%. Let me give you an example of the tree structure:

| |--- Home
| |--- Images
|--- Company
|--- News

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Applies to: Kentico CMS 4.0
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