Try Kentico CMS 6 and the new Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution

We launched Kentico CMS at our Kentico Connection conferences in Denver and Prague and it's been available for download since October 10. We received a fabulous feedback on version 6 from the Kentico Connection attendees and those who already downloaded it. Try it now!

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Upgrade Procedure

Version 6 brings a new automated upgrade tool that is accessible from the Kentico Installation Manager. This tool automatically downloads upgrades and hotfixes and performs the upgrade procedure. It allows you to back-up your solution before upgrade and it also looks for any modifications to the standard system files and notifies you if they may be overwritten by the upgrade.

The upgrade procedure from Kentico CMS 6 Denver Pre-release to Kentico CMS 6 Final is now available for download here:
It's not available from the Kentico Installation Manager as it's a special upgrade, but it's fully automated.

The upgrade procedure from version 5.5 R2 to 6.0 will be available on October 27, 2011. We are sorry for the delay – the creation of the automated procedure took us more time than expected, but it will make the upgrade so much easier that it's worth that.
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Petr Palas

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