Try Kentico 8.1 Beta!

We are happy to announce that we have Kentico 8.1 Beta ready for you to try. Read this article to learn what's new, where to download it and how to provide us your feedback.

Why 8.1?

One could ask why we are going to release a new Kentico version after a shorter period of time than usual (Kentico 8 was released 4 months ago). Simply put, we are going to shorten our release cycle. Our goal is to release new minor version every quarter.

The main reasons for this change are as follows:
  • We want to provide you with the value of new features as soon as they are implemented and tested
  • We want to be flexible, meaning faster reaction to the market changes and your needs
  • We want to avoid making big changes without proper feedback. This means that we would like to take small steps (minor versions) and plan further improvements based on your feedback
And as we are getting closer to the release date of this first minor version (August 22nd), we've prepared the Beta version for you to try and to give us some feedback.

What's new?

You can look forward to the following improvements in Kentico 8.1 (all of them are included in Kentico 8.1 Beta):
  • Buy X, Get Y discounts -  it allows store managers to configure their cross-selling promotions in a more sophisticated way, e.g. Buy any 3 clothes, get the cheapest for free
  • Dashboard improvements - it allows Kentico users to easily personalize the dashboard with frequently used applications. Furthermore, some dashboard tiles display real-time data, e.g. Number of running order discounts.
  • LinkedIn integration - it allows marketers to manage the company profile directly from Kentico including the ability to use automated workflow for content publishing on LinkedIn
  • SharePoint integration improvements - it brings support for the latest SharePoint versions including SharePoint Online and other improvements. e.g. the ability to set up the multiple SharePoint connections for the same Kentico site
  • Online marketing performance improvements - we have lowered the performance footprint of Kentico Online marketing modules such as Contact groups and Scoring. This means that your web site will respond more quickly and will be able to handle more traffic during peaks.
To learn more about all of these improvements, stay tuned to DevNet as we plan to provide more information in the upcoming weeks.

Try it out and give us your feedback

Try Kentico 8.1 Beta to familiarize yourself with the new features before Kentico 8.1 is officially released. Your feedback is highly appreciated - it helps us plan further improvements to deliver the product you love! 

To share your feedback on Kentico 8.1 Beta and to report defects found, please use

Please note that  Kentico 8.1 Beta is time limited (it stops working on August 28th). Also, it is not fully tested so you may experience some defects. If this occurs to you, please contact us via the above email address. Most importantly, it is not intented for any development (there will be no upgrade path from Kentico 8.1 Beta to the final version of Kentico 8.1)

Thanks for joining us and enjoy Kentico 8.1 Beta!

Download Kentico 8.1 Beta

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