TOP 25 websites where to post developer job openings for free

Are you looking for an experienced ASP.NET developer to join your team?
Talking with our partners, we found out that many of them have difficulties to find experienced ASP.NET developers. This article should help anyone in this situation with the first step of the hiring process – promoting the job offer.  

Recruitment at Kentico software

Recently, Kentico went through the hiring process as well - we have grown by 20 employees to the current 63. Since we didn’t have good experience with the services of HR agencies in the past, we decided to carry out the whole recruitment process by ourselves. Luckily, Kentico is headquartered in Brno, which is becoming the “silicon valley” of central Europe. Three technical universities within the city are producing hundreds of young talents and companies like AVG, 2K Czech, Red Hat, IBM or Logica are attracting IT specialist from the whole region. This made it much easier for us, although the recruitment took us a lot of effort.

Free posting of job openings

Finding the right candidate for your job can be an uphill battle, shrinking your usual workload to a minimum. The very first step in making it smooth is to post your offers to a variety of websites and social networks. If you don’t mind hiring a fresh graduate, you can contact a student career center of your local college or university. Also, the informational systems of universities usually have online forums with job offers. Lastly, a printed leaflet pined on a bulletin board at a university corridor can do the job well.

If you don’t like to run into high fees with websites like Monster or CareerBuilder, you can take a look at some free job posting websites. The following checklist is intended for those who are looking for a Kentico developer and include only those services that are FREE OF CHARGE:

Checklist for posting a job opening for an ASP.NET developer:

  1. Update the carriers section of your company website so you can link to it.
  2. Tweet the offer with @Microjobs at the beginning of your tweet. The @Microjobs account automatically tweets out requests to its growing network of job seekers.
    Example: @microjobs [Your company name] is hiring [Position]. Contact us via [Contact info].
    If possible add appropriate hashtags to the end of any of your tweets.
    Example: #developer #kentico #tweetmyjobs #job #jobs #csharp
  3. Post the offer using the social networking sites that your company is already leveraging (your Facebook page, your LinkedIn company profile, etc.).
  4. Add the job offer to the Job Openings forum thread at our DevNet site (*we will replace this with a Jobs section in the main menu of the website soon).
  5. Please email us with a Kentico developer opportunity you want to list - we will include it in our Kentico Developer Newsletter
  6. Submit the job to the job board of the following LinkedIn groups:
  7. Post the job to walls of the following Facebook groups:
  8. Submit the job on the following free sites. The websites are ordered by country (International goes first):
Job listings are free for a limited time. Jobs are indexed by Google, SimplyHired, Indeed, TwitterJobSearch. They appear on sites like Alltop, MashedJobs, and the Job Pile and are posted to our 450+ job-seeking twitter followers.
You can post the jobs or search over 800,000 resumes in the database - both for free.
Post Job Free
Your job post will be automatically distributed (cross-posted) to 13 popular job search sites.
The site boasts over 280,000 visitors each month, giving you a great chance of finding the talent you need to get the job done.
Job postings are free for 30 days.
Hire Fire
1 Job Posting + 50 CV/Resume Access is for Free for 60 Days.
Free job postings and resume searching.
Learn4Good Jobsite receives over 30 million unique visitors a year. Free job opening for 6 months.
Telecommuting Techies
Use this site if a telecommuting employee is an option for you.
Search Jobs is dedicated to offer FREE and unlimited job postings, job searches, personal resumes and CV’s.
Microsoft ASP.NET Forums
ASP.NET community forum which has a section on job openings.
Forum at
Free forum with open positions for IT specialists.
C # Corner
Free job postings at C # Corner community site.
Posting and searching the jobseekers resume database online for free.
Job openings in US, UK, DE, CA, CN, IN and AU.
Job ad venture
Free job postings, searching resumes is paid.
Today’s Classifieds
Today’s Classifieds specializes in telecommuting and programming jobs.

Simple job posting site covering USA.

JobSpider is a free employment information exchange job board actually modeled from
Get Job
Your free job ad for 120 days.
Easy-to-use, well organized site with free job postings.
Free Job Boards Post Jobs 
Free of charge for up to 30 days.
Best Jobs UK
Free job postings up to 3 months.
Australian JobSearch
JobSearch receives around 17, 000 visitors a day and has 900, 000 job seekers registered.
OZ Free Online is one of the largest FREE classified sites in Australia with thousands of people visiting the site everyday.

Extra: What should be the salary?

A short list of websites to research salary information for developers.

PayScale GlassDoor
SalaryExpert Indeed IT Jobs Watch

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Petr Passinger

Petr is the Senior Business Analyst, responsible for the mapping and optimization of the sales funnel and revenue cycle leveraging the Kentico Customer Experience Management solution for online marketing activities.


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You post jobs for free at

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Great post! Thank you so much for providing us this valuable information!
There is another great career web site: where recruiters can post free for 3 months.
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Useful article, thank you. There is also a social networking site in Canada where you can advertise jobs for free.

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