TOP 10 websites for September: Kentico Runs MOBILE site of the SA national rugby team

See the top ten websites for the last month, with well-known names such as Microsoft, Jacob's Creek or the Titanic!
September brought more than 160 new websites running on Kentico CMS. For the first time, the list also includes a website for mobile devices: the Official SA Rugby Mobile Website!

Technology – Academics – Policy (TAP) is a forum for academics leading the dialogue on the impact of technological innovation. Microsoft provides administrative and financial support for the site’s platform and content.

Microsoft TAP
Implemented by:
Falcon-Software Company, Inc., USA (Texas), Kentico Gold Partner
Since version 5.5, Kentico CMS has supported creation of mobile websites. The official website of the South African national rugby union team (the Springboks) is one of the first websites fully leveraging this capability.

Official SA Rugby Mobile Website
Implemented by:
Brandscape Marketing (Pty) Limited, South Africa, Kentico Gold Partner

Assisi is a leader in healthcare in Spain, with a cooperative society of over 20,000 doctors.

Implemented by:
BABEL Sistemas de Información, Spain, Kentico Gold Partner
Jacob's Creek is a well known, trusted and enjoyable Australian wine brand that is exported to over 60 countries.

Jacob's Creek
Euro RSCG Worldwide, Australia, Kentico Certified Partner.
Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL) is an independent British company that provides operational and commercial satellite programs.

Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL)
Implemented by:
Pull Digital, United Kingdom, Kentico Gold Partner
The beautifuly designed official website of Auckland Chamber of Commerce.

Auckland Chamber of Commerce
Implemented by:
Federation Media, New Zealand, Kentico Gold Partner
Western National Bank (WNB) is an individually and privately owned bank operating in Texas, USA.

Western National Bank
Implemented by:
Imaginuity Interactive Inc., USA (Texas), Kentico Gold Partner
ECPAT stands for “Ending Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Child Trafficking for Sexual Purposes”; ECPAT Child Alert is the only organization in New Zealand whose sole focus is to address sexual exploitation of children.

ECPAT Child Alert
Implemented by:
Federation Media, New Zealand, Kentico Gold Partner
The Titanic Stories website, which contains a variety of interesting facts, passenger stories, wreck information and a lot more, really meets the growing importance of video and social networks.

The official website of Titanic’s home – Belfast, Northern Ireland
Implemented by:
Biznet IIS, United Kingdom, Kentico Gold Partner
This new and used cars trading website from Malaysia also features dealer pages, insurance information, promotions, etc.

Mayaysian Auto Trader
Implemented by:
Miles 33 Ltd, United Kingdom, Kentico Partner

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